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Nicola Chaffey Dip. Specialised BT

As a professionally registered therapist with the Bowen Association of Australia (BAA), Nicola is committed to meeting the annual CEU requirements to maintain the standard of her services and to ensure her clients receive the best possible treatment with the latest scientific advances in Bowen Therapy. Her knowledge provides her with the ability to help those with acute and chronic conditions & believes Bowen Therapy can be pivotal in providing long term relief for many conditions. Nicola?s passion for health and assisting people achieve more from their lives, provides her with a deep understanding of the need for a balanced body in order to maintain peak performance. Specialising in a range of conditions from sports injuries, children’s sleeping/behavioural conditions, discomfort of chronic/acute pain, headaches & migraines.

What to Expect

A session will generally last around 15-45 minutes and includes essential pauses between each series of moves to give your body time to integrate the neurological signals. The most common reactions to a Bowen work session are a deep sense of overall relaxation and lessening of muscular tension and pain. Ideally, treatments should be scheduled between 5-7 days apart and an initial set of 3 treatments is recommended in order to obtain the optimum results. However, there are always exceptions to any rule, and some people will need further or even on-going treatment. The first 24 hours after treatment should be restful. Do not overdo things with regard to exercise or exertion. Your body will continue to process and respond to the healing signals for up to 10 days after each session.