Sports Injury and Rehabilitation

Sports Injury and Rehabilitation

Bowen therapy is being increasingly recognised by Sports Professionals and Sports Therapists, as a valuable tool to not only treat injuries but also help prevent them.

It is quickly becoming a popular form of natural treatment to improve ?post competition? recovery times and for injury treatment among elite athletes of all disciplines.

The Bowen technique is a gentle, non-evasive healthcare profession that encourages the body’s own healing systems by restoring balance to the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), and the harmonious relationship between muscles, nerve supply, joints and other vital organs of the body.
The Bowen moves involve 2 key steps, the first being the ?challenge? against the edge of muscular-tendinous structure.

These are placed at specific locations which mobilise the first level of fascia (superficial fascia or adipose tissue). The second is the ?rolling? like move over the structure moving superficial fascia against deep fascia (the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles), stimulating a release of fluid into the surrounding environment, not unlike releasing a kink in a hosepipe.

This immediately allows for lymph drainage, normal blood supply and the release of fluid back into tiny molecular structures (glycoproteins) in the matrix of the fascia. This leads to healing of the area and all structures related to that fascial pathway.
Why is this so important? Up to 80% of the water in your body is stored in your Myofascia (muscle and fascia). Fascia has many different layers and our bodies move based on the ?sliding? of these layers against each other.

The quality of fascial movement is influenced by the amount of fluid in the fascia, therefore if your body is dehydrated the fascia loses it?s ability to slide effectively and you become much more prone to injury.

Any musculo-skeletal injury can be treated ie ankle, back, knee, shoulder, groin and hamstring strains as well as frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and repetitive strain injuries. Most acute injuries respond quickly and may require up to three treatments, chronic injuries may take a little longer.
Studies show that competitors having regular Bowen Therapy consistently perform better, and experience rapid recovery from injury.

This is due to the influence Bowen has on the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), detoxification and the stimulation of cellular hydration, which releases surface and deep-seated tension. Most athletes also find that energy levels, endurance and stamina are substantially prolonged, flexibility and coordination improve considerably, and they are also able to focus and control the stress response, which results in an improved performance.

Despite the psychological challenges of the ?no pain, no gain? philosophy we are all so programmed into regarding the treatment of sporting injuries, this technique proves it is possible to tap into the bodies own intelligence using a gentle and anatomically accurate technique to see remarkable changes. This awe-inspiring modality has astonished the sporting industry and is now being used with enormous success.